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It is always an honor to have other ministry women support your project…

Especially when they do it in during the not-so-lazy-and-often-crazy days of summer!

Special thanks to the wonderful writers who were part of my Lazarus Awakening DVD Study Blog Tour!  I’ve been truly blessed.

Please help me return the favor by dropping by the following blogs. Browse around a bit, leave a comment – hey, you might consider subscribing to their feed. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind!

Thanks again to these amazing friends …

Christine Abraham – Women’s Bible Café                                    

Mary Lou Caskey – Life Coach & Speaker                                                                       

Joann Fore – Author & Speaker                                                                                       

Jennifer Frisbie – This Side of Grace                                            

Holley Gerth – Speaker & Author

Bethany Grove – Gracefull Country Diva                                      

Jill Hart – Christian Work-At-Home Mom & Radiant Lit                                                      

Angela Howard – No Ordinary Days & Her Voice                                       

Gay Idle – Captive Heart                                                                                     

Danise Jurado – Author & Speaker

Carol Kent – Author & Speaker                                                                                     

Carmen Ledford – Commentary by Carmen                                                          

Kendra McCarter – The Mrs. & the Minister                                                         

Cyndee Ownbee – Women’s Ministry Toolbox                  

Stacey Patrick – Gracefully Overcoming                                     

Rachel Quigley – Tripping Over Typeset                                                 

Kim Stewart – Kim Stewart Inspired                                              

Pebbles Thompson – Project IgNite Light Ministry                                               

Brenda Veinotte – Quilting Along Life’s Way     

Rachel Wojnarowski – Speaker & Author                                                 

There are still a few blogs to come which I’ll announce at my Facebook page.

Once again, thanks to everyone! Blessings!





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