Having a Mary Spirit

Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver
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Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver

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Having a Mary Spirit

Allowing GOD to Change Us from the Inside Out

Lord, whatever it takes, make me like you!

You long to serve God with grace and strength, to reflect Christ in every word and action. Yet you find yourself continually struggling to bring that vision to life in your daily walk.

At our very core, every one of us is a “twisted sister” within whom the flesh and spirit battle constantly for control. We are afflicted with spiritual schizophrenia, the disconnect between our good-girl desire to put Jesus first and our bad-girl realities that crowd our thoughts and push him out of the way.

In this life-changing book, Joanna Weaver, directs your gaze past your own shortcomings to the God who stands ready, willing, and able to make a new woman out of you. She equips you with biblical insights and practical tools to partner with Christ, inviting Him into the hidden places of your soul and giving Him full permission to redeem and renovate.

AUDIO VERSION: An abridged version of Having a Mary Spirit (read by Joanna) is also available on CD and MP3 download.

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Introducing the Having a Mary Spirit
DVD Bible Study…

Having a Mary Spirit DVD Study by Joanna Weaver
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Having a Mary Spirit DVD Study by Joanna Weaver

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Having a Mary Spirit: DVD Study

12-Week DVD Bible Study

Let God get His hands on you! That’s the message of this companion DVD Bible study created to go along with Joanna’s best-seller, Having a Mary Spirit. Featuring all-new material that complements rather than repeats the book, Joanna elaborates on the Holy Makeover God longs to bring to each one of us as we invite Him into the hidden corners of our hearts. For the Holy Spirit wants to help us say “no” to Flesh Woman so that we can say “yes” to God!

The study guide refers to assigned book reading, but focuses on the Word of God as it gives women tools for a Spirit-led transformation.

The DVD Study Pack includes a copy of the study guide as well as:

  • Twelve 20-minute video sessions taught by Joanna
  • “Tool Time” bonus videos filled with practical tips for applying God’s truth – (Three included, remaining videos available for download at book site)
  • Leader’s Guide with details for organizing and leading study
  • Resources including: short promo video, posters, flyers, invite cards, memory verses, etc.
  • Special Feature! Retreat Guide turns teaching sessions into a special event, complete with fun and meaningful activities

Participants need:

  • Book – Having a Mary Spirit
  • Study Guide
View Session Titles
  • A Holy Makeover
  • A Heart Made New
  • Whose Side Are You On?
  • Fault Lines of the Soul
  • From Death to Life
  • A Disciplined Mind
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Beauty Secrets
  • Beware the Bitter Root
  • Spiritual Fitness 101
  • Speech Therapy
  • Gentle Shepherd
'Word Time' Titles
  • Memorizing God’s Word
  • Journaling Transformation
  • Meditating on Scripture
  • Receiving Correction
  • Choosing Humility
  • Renewing Your Mind
  • Refusing Gossip
  • Overcoming Worry
  • Deciding to Forgive
  • Accessing God’s Grace
  • Being Accountable
  • Moving Forward

Go to Having a Mary Spirit website to view bonus videos

Carol Kent
~ Carol Kent, Speaker and Author
Becoming a Woman of Influence (NavPress)

“Joanna Weaver is a powerful teacher of the Word. Her passionate heart for God, combined with her desire to impart the truth of His Word to her audiences, make these studies extraordinary in every way. These DVD Bible Study projects have my highest recommendation!”

~ Carol Kent, Speaker and Author Becoming a Woman of Influence (NavPress)

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~ Rebecca

"Our Ladies are enjoying the insightful and down to earth examples of how to be changed from the inside out. We love Joanna's illustrations of Flesh Woman. We also love the fact that Joanna shares her own ups and downs in her journey with the Lord. Thank you Joanna for being real. We thank God for the way He has gifted you to reach women of all ages."

~ Rebecca

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~ M. Ladra

“The women in our Bible study say it's one of the best ones they've done. They are learning about themselves and who God wants them to be.”

~ M. Ladra

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~ Linda Dillow

“You have loved the depth and warmth of Joanna Weaver’s books. Now you will be doubly blessed to have Teaching Videos, a Retreat Guide, and many more helps that go along with her wonderful books. Your Bible study will be encouraged and motivated to grow deeper in love with the Lord. Run to get these new products—they are life changing!”

~ Linda Dillow